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MedAssets is a healthcare performance improvement company that helps providers realize financial and operational gains so that they can sustainably serve the needs of their community. We leverage our software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based content and analytics tools with expert consulting and advisory services to deliver sustainable financial, operational and clinical performance. We deliver significant value to healthcare organizations through our ability to:

  • Reduce Total Cost of Care through a systemic approach to drive sustainable change for healthcare organizations

  • Enhance Operational Efficiency through Lean and process improvement programs to decrease overall length-of-stay

  • Align Clinical Delivery by assessing clinical performance and implementing processes to reduce variation in care delivery

  • Improve Revenue Performance with cloud-based analytics tools and expert services for defensible pricing, compliance and reimbursement

MedAssets currently manages approximately $59 billion in total spend by hospitals and other healthcare providers, and touches $400 billion in gross revenue. Our SaaS-enabled services seamlessly integrate with our clients' existing IT systems infrastructure, with minimal upfront cost.

We understand the unique needs of each client, and the specialized talents of our people reflect our passion for improving healthcare. We employ approximately 3,200 men and women who advise, support and perform the core business operations of approximately 4,500 hospitals and 123,000 non-acute healthcare providers.

MedAssets is committed to serving the best interests of our stockholders, clients and employees. On these pages, you can find important, valuable corporate and financial information to help you gain a better perspective of the MedAssets business operations and financial performance.



Recent Releases

Jan 27, 2016
Pamplona Capital Management Completes Acquisition of MedAssets for $2.75 Billion

Jan 27, 2016
Pamplona Capital Management Completes Acquisition of MedAssets